Skulls iOS Version – Official Statement

Hello Skulls fans.  We cannot tell you how much we appreciate that there is still so much love for this awesome game.  We are proud of what we made and that so many of you have been able to enjoy it.  We sadly have to share some news about the reality of Skulls on iOS.

Technical changes on the operating system level have cascaded into needing to update several systems as well as the format of the content in the game.  There is data encryption happening outside of our control that is rewriting our data.  Dependent on multiple other pieces of middleware that have either changed or are no longer supported, we have sadly hit a brick wall.  We have invested a great deal of time and money and pulled in experts in hopes to solve these issues, but we are still at a point where there is no promised solution in sight.  It is in acknowledgement of these facts that we regret to say that the iOS version is not updatable.  If new information comes to light or an expert in the field can volunteer their time to attempt to find a solution, we will update the community of any potential progress.  While this doesn’t help those of us with iOS devices, Skulls is still very much playable on many other platforms.